Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can be done about providing more parking spaces on the street? 


A: The streets and alleys in Tiburon are public. The city has jurisdiction and maintains them. Many residents use their garage for storage instead of parking. This is allowed by the CCR's, but makes the problem worse. Parking is not allowed in the alleys.


Q: My neighbors' dog has been barking for

    longer than I'm comfortable with, what do I do? 


A: Please try contacting the neighbor and let them know about the problem. Invite other neighbors to do the same. If that doesn't work, then visit the Orange County Animal Control website. 


Q: What do I do if I need to replace my garage door


A: Homeowners are responsible for garage door installations and repair. The HOA is responsible for painting the garage door. Please contact the property manager to have the painting done. 


Q: When is street sweeping?


A: The second and fourth Wednesday of each month, alternate sides of the street, 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 pm.

Q: When is trash pickup? Can I throw away large items?

A: Trash is picked up on Friday mornings, or on Saturday mornings, if a holiday occurs during the week. Large items are picked up for free by calling Rainbow Disposal 714-847-3581  Please visit their website for more detailed information.

Q: What do I do if I see a coyote?


A:  Coyotes occasionally show up in the green belts. Residents with small pets and young children should be alert, and call the Fountain Valley Police (714) 593 - 4485 with any sightings. The best course of action is to haze the coyote (make noise, wave arms, throw tennis balls), walk with a walking stick, and remove any food/trash sources from your patio, garage, or the common area. 



Q: Is our community also called "Tiburon South"?


A: Yes. There are two Tiburons in Fountain Valley. The city and realtors call our community "Tiburon South". Another community, with the same architecture, is called "Tiburon North".



Q: May I have a bounce house in the common area?

A: Due to liability concerns, bounce houses are not allowed in the common area. 

Q: Does the HOA carry earthquake insurance for the property?

A: No, the HOA does not carry earthquake insurance because of the high premiums. Individual homeowners can contact their home insurance company for earthquake coverage for their townhome. 

Q: May I extend my backyard fence to enclose common area?

A: Yes, submit an architectural application for the board of directors to review. Any use of the common area that is granted by the board does not convey with the town home when sold.

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